Do what you can

There are days you’re not your optimal. You don’t feel like doing all that’s needed to be done. So what you opt is not to anything at all. Day is already ruined so there is nothing to do.

But do you need to think like that.

What if you can do whatever that you can do. It may not be everything. It would be awesome it you have the will power to do it all.

However, it is not all or nothing. You could do part of it. So the workload will be low. You will one step, at least half of a step along your path.

So let’s do what we can. Strive do the it all. But what ever happens, you have done something for the day.

We decide what is offensive.

We decide that it’s offensive or presumptuous or rude.

That’s what Epictetus was saying when he observed that it’s not events that upset us, but our judgement about events. The request is objective—just words coming out of someone’s mouth. The opinion that it’s objectionable is just that. Your opinion.

We have to remember that we hold this power. We don’t need to get upset. We don’t need to be taken apart. We just need to realize that all someone has done is utter some words at us, and that we are free to ignore them, grant the request, or politely explain why we’re not interested.

Epictetus said that when we get offended—when we get upset and think, “How dare they?” or “Wow, that’s a huge imposition they just tried to foist on me”—we are complicit. We have chosen to be upset. We have chosen to hear or read the request that way.

We could have just let it go. We could have seen it for what it was—simply an ask. And then moved on. We have that power. We choose whether we exercise it or not.

Copied from daily stoic.

Sleep some…

Sleep is one of the most important thing we have to do. Not only this year but forever.

Someone said sleep moves the death away.

We consider sleep as a luxury. When we have stuff that need to be done, sleep is the first to go.

However, it has been found that being sleepless for 20 hours is equal to be drunk!

So would you like to act as a drunk? Will it help?


Let’s start by giving the sleep the priority it. Needs this year.

Read more about this on Ryan holiday’s stillness is the key.

New year

New year is coming. Everyone is getting ready to make a new life. Which is very very good.

Only issue is we lose the momentum within the first few weeks itself.

We get cought up in the day to day struggles and we forget about our mission. Our desire to improve our lives. And at the end of the year, we wonder what happens, and we make new plans for the next year.

Let’s change that, shall we?

This is what I’m going to do. I’m going to write almost everyday. About something. Something to think about. Good things. Bad things. Does not matter. All that matters is that I do the writing. Taking the time. Just a few minutes.

Almost everyday means you can get off a day or two off. Life gets in the way of everyone. No way around it. But we must remember that if we miss a day, next day will be very important. Or it becomes a habit too.

Anyone can do this too.

It takes less than 10 minutes to register a blog on Free. Easy. No commitment. Just your commitment to writing. 😀


Let’s start.

Be better

I am a good person. I do what I can can to keep my loved ones happy. To make them enjoy their lives.

However, I must know that I can do much better.

I can always improve upon the things I do.

See them in a better light, letting them feel the love and warmth.

Whatever I do might come back. Well, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is what I do. The rest doesn’t matter at all.

But it is far more likely that they would be better towards me as well.

So today I want to imprint on my mind that I have to become better and better in loving my family.

It is a previlege

Sometimes I get bored of the work I have to do. I get annoyed by the kids. They do all kinds of things just to get on my nerves. Make fights. Do not act like rational humans.

However, remember this. Don’t ever forget. This is a Previlege.

First, keep in mind that this might be the last day or last month I have with them. I could just leave life. Lite is not certain. It does not matter if I think about death or not. It just may happen. So if it is so, would I want to let my family alone for the last period of my life. Never. This is too worth it. Enjoy this. This may not last.

Secondly, even if a bad thing would not happen, they will get bigger. After some time they won’t be this lovable cuddly buns. They will be adults. Rational adults. No more fooling around. Having their own stuff.

So remember that this is a previlege. Enjoy it while it past. It will last. One way or the other.

Looking at questions and problems

Ada palmer said in an interview, how to look at questions in a different way.

She asks is to do these.

A. Can you do something about the problem? Is there an actionable solution?

If not

B. Can I get myself to stop worrying and let it go?

Can I laugh at the problem?

Can I ask myself weather this matter in a year or in five years?

These questions help us to find the tranquility in midst of out problems and see them in a different light.

Remember, build you inner citadel. Don’t let others to shake your inner peace and tranquility.

Remember that your mind is in your control. Not your body.

It’s not the thing but what we make of it.

Things happen. Something we expect. Others we don’t. Some good. Some bad.

But what’s important to understand is that those are just things and it’s up to us to make it the way we want it to be.

Sorry of the horse and the farmer come to mind.

Marcus Aurelius wrote, “When you are distressed by an external thing, it’s not the thing itself that troubles you, but only your judgment of it. And you can wipe this out at a moment’s notice.”

So wipe it out.

Do what you can.

Control the things that are under your control.

The rest doesn’t matter.

Do my role

Everything does not happen the way I want them to. Somethings are good and others bad, while some doesn’t make sense whatsoever.

However, what I should yearn to do, strive to do is to accept the situation and do my best for that.

I may be lucky or unlucky. But it is not a problem. I choose to do my best for the circumstances. Then face what comes. And do the best I can there too.

I can control the things that are under my control, which are not a lot.

I will control them and accept others, the things that are not under my control, as is.

I will Excel at what I do. The rest doesn’t matter to me.