Be better

I am a good person. I do what I can can to keep my loved ones happy. To make them enjoy their lives.

However, I must know that I can do much better.

I can always improve upon the things I do.

See them in a better light, letting them feel the love and warmth.

Whatever I do might come back. Well, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is what I do. The rest doesn’t matter at all.

But it is far more likely that they would be better towards me as well.

So today I want to imprint on my mind that I have to become better and better in loving my family.


It is a previlege

Sometimes I get bored of the work I have to do. I get annoyed by the kids. They do all kinds of things just to get on my nerves. Make fights. Do not act like rational humans.

However, remember this. Don’t ever forget. This is a Previlege.

First, keep in mind that this might be the last day or last month I have with them. I could just leave life. Lite is not certain. It does not matter if I think about death or not. It just may happen. So if it is so, would I want to let my family alone for the last period of my life. Never. This is too worth it. Enjoy this. This may not last.

Secondly, even if a bad thing would not happen, they will get bigger. After some time they won’t be this lovable cuddly buns. They will be adults. Rational adults. No more fooling around. Having their own stuff.

So remember that this is a previlege. Enjoy it while it past. It will last. One way or the other.