Struggling vs acceptance

I was doing the daily meditation on “ten percent happier”, and something Joseph Goldstein said was so clear.

He said if you’re struggling with meditation due to some emotions, it means you’re not accepting it. So look at the emotion. Accept it. It’s okay to feel this. And take that emotion as an object of meditation. Soon it may disappear, or will lose its power.

For example, if I am embarrassed about something that happened, just see it as it is. Accept that it is alright to feel that. That doesn’t mean everything is over. It’s just something you feel, and it is all that it ever be. Whatever you do next does not have to depend on that emotion, but your thinking. You’re not a slave, neither it is not you, it is an emotion.

Something to think about next time I am angry or sad or embarrassed, etc. Which are very frequent. 😉

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