Habits and identity

Changing our habits. If it is easy, life would be so much better. Yet we struggle to do the smallest thing everyday. The question is why and how to overcome this.

I believe Tony Robbins talks about identity. It is difficult to just keep a new habit. You will always be working against the gravity. The gravity of the person with the old habit. However, if we try to change our identity, so that the the new person’s habits are the habits we are trying to cultivate, then gravity would work for us. The new person would more like to follow the new pattern of behavior.

This is easier said than done though.

We are who we are. Our identity is ingrained within us. It’s what make us who we are. It is what we say who we are.

But, when we try to change something of ourselves, a new habit, for example, I think it better to try to change who you are. Try to be the person who would do the new behavior. Try to imagine, we’re being that person. Doing the habit. Over and over. Without friction. Without effort.

See where it goes.

We will improve little by little.

Towards our journey to be the better man.

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