Good in others

Are people generally good, or bad?

When you think about it, the way we think about other people changes from time to time. Some days, it seems like all of them are very decent and helpful yet another day they seems to be so evil. 😉

However, non of these is the real story.

People have both good and bad qualities. Just like we are. We do try to be good, but sometimes we do make mistakes. Things we might do hurt others. Loved ones. Does that mean we are bad people? No. We are trying to do our best. But we expect perfection from others. Is it fair? Can we put others to a better standard than you are?

I think it must be the other way around. We have to be better than others. We have to try to do better than others, even when we see them doing not so good things. You can go down to their standards, or try to be better.

Then there is the fact that other people have some admirable qualities. Some better than ours.

So what can we do?

I think, we can try and see good of others. Forgive them easily. After all they are also human. Imperfect. Just like we are. Remember that.

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