It’s not the thing but what we make of it.

Things happen. Something we expect. Others we don’t. Some good. Some bad.

But what’s important to understand is that those are just things and it’s up to us to make it the way we want it to be.

Sorry of the horse and the farmer come to mind.

Marcus Aurelius wrote, “When you are distressed by an external thing, it’s not the thing itself that troubles you, but only your judgment of it. And you can wipe this out at a moment’s notice.”

So wipe it out.

Do what you can.

Control the things that are under your control.

The rest doesn’t matter.


Do my role

Everything does not happen the way I want them to. Somethings are good and others bad, while some doesn’t make sense whatsoever.

However, what I should yearn to do, strive to do is to accept the situation and do my best for that.

I may be lucky or unlucky. But it is not a problem. I choose to do my best for the circumstances. Then face what comes. And do the best I can there too.

I can control the things that are under my control, which are not a lot.

I will control them and accept others, the things that are not under my control, as is.

I will Excel at what I do. The rest doesn’t matter to me.


Do what you have to do, and the rest doesn’t matter

Said Marcus Aurelius.

It does not matter what others do.

I will stand on my principals and do what your self would do. The moral compass.


The rest…

Does not matter.

They are not under my control. May be they turn out be good. or bad. Or disaster. Or the best.

Does not matter.


Because I did the right thing.

I did a person of highest good would do.

I am on my path to become that person.


“If a person gave away your body to some passerby, you’d be furious. Yet you hand over your mind to anyone who comes along, so they may abuse you, leaving it disturbed and troubled – have you no shame in that?” —Epictetus


We cannot change the past

We have done some mistakes, bad decisions in our lives. If we get a do over, we may decide to change out decisions, now that we know the outcome of those.

However, we can’t change the past. It’s gone for good.

Only thing we can do is move forward.

Do better in the present and in the future. Learn from our past. Apply them. Make better decisions.

We must strive to be better in the future.

Think about our best self and take advice from him. Think what would he do. And do it.

The end of the road is that person with virtue. The highest good. But path starts from present. Follow the path.


We are all flawed people

We all have our faults. We make lots of mistakes. We do lot of selfish things without thinking how it affect others. We have our egos. We don’t like to apologize sincerely.

Does this make us bad people?

We made these mistakes. May be we do them in the future too.

However, we must try to be better. Try to do our best. Try to be honest. Try be the best person you can be.

We may fail. Over and over…

But if we have our own system of honor, we can always look back and improve ourselves. We could always look upon our best self and try to follow his or her path. We might get out time to time. That’s okay. Noticing that and getting back to the path is what matters.

To rise above our own mistakes to be better.

That’s what we must do.


Why write?

Why do we need to write down what we think… Our ideas, feelings, opinions, etc.

Do we need to?

Let’s think. How many thoughts we have a in day? Science says about 50000. How right it is, it is certainly a big number. So can you remember all those?

Let alone, do you remember what you did last year. Thanks to “Google photos” I get occasional reminders of what I did in last year’s. We have totally forgotten. So do we remember what we though of at that time.

Writing down let us remember those ideas. Yes. Some of them will be bad. Idiotic. You will feel embarrassed to think that you wrote them. However, on those writings you did you will find some gems. Some great ideas, opinions. Some of them may help you see the present in a new light. You will be able to go back to the time you wrote them and see the problems you have now. You might see those problems as good things. You might be able to see how you got past those issues you had. It will make you feel better.

Yes. You can overcome all the problems you have now. You had them before. But you overcame them. These will be the same.

Next year, read back what you wrote. You will feel embarrassed to admit that you worried about those.

So let’s do that shall we?


Time is valuable

I know. Is it something thatg is in need of telling. Of course, we all know how valuable time is.

Or do we?

Think about today or yesterday for that matter. How many small things that you put your attention? Small things, yes. Just a few minutes, yes. But have you ever think that those add up?

Those small talks. Just checking Facebook. Just checking you favourite forum.

This is your time.

Time is the most valuable because they is no getting it back.

I’m 35 now. Last three decades are gone. There is no way I could get them back. Whatever I did. How about yesterday? It’s gone for good. Or bad.

How did you use this time? I know. I didn’t optimally use my time. O could have been better. Now it’s gone. Done. No way to change.


You can change today and tommorow and on…

So think about your day. Think about the small slots of time you let to go to waste.

How could I better utilize it?

Nir Eyal says to arrange your day I’m time blocks. Author of “Indistractable” and “hooked”. He says Tom schedule time for work family etc. And to it. Let’s discuss it another day. But just keep in mind. How are your time blocks going on today?

Can you do better?

If you don’t there is no way to change it!

Annie Dillard said “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

“If you seek tranquility, do less…most of what we say and do is not essential. If you can eliminate it, you’ll have more time, and more tranquility.”

“You could be good today,” “But instead you choose tomorrow.”

Marcus Aurelius

The poet Heraclitus said, “One day is equal to every day.”


You might lose everything

Yes. You might. Everything you put you heart and soul in to. All may lost within matter of minutes may be. You will have to go back to square one again. May be you lose the one you love. So really, no square one to go to.

That’s how the life is.

We have to accept that.

Just like we’re dying Sooner or later, (may be sooner…) All might be lost.

We have to be prepared for it.

Stoics say so. Lord Buddha says so.

Just do the best you can. And face it. That’s all you can do.

We do the best we can, when the circumstances arrive. Can’t do anything else really.

But knowing the possibility is a good thing.

premeditatio malorum (an anticipation of the twists and turns of fate) and amor fati (ready to love whatever that fate is) 

Think about it. Always.


Courage to do my part in a relationship

‘My brother shouldn’t have treated me in this way.’ Indeed, he shouldn’t, but it’s for him to see to that. For my part, however he treats me, I should conduct myself toward him as I ought. For that is my business, and the rest is not my concern. In this no one can hinder me, while everything else is subject to hindrance.”